This year, the partial overlap and geographic proximity of the SEG 2023 Conference (London) and the 17th SGA Biennial Meeting (Zurich) prompted the respective organizing committees to agree on a specific policy. As usual, both Societies set their own registration rates for their conference, workshops, and field trips. Yet, those registered for either the SGA or the SEG conference can then choose to attend the workshops and/or the fieldtrips of either meeting at the member cost advertised.

Field trip programme

Title and leaders(s)
Departing from
FT1: Oberhalbstein valley, the Platta nappe, and ultramafic-hosted VMS deposits (Switzerland) | Details 

C. Patten (KIT), R. Coltat (IACT)

24-27.08.2023 (pre-conference)



FT2: Mineralizations in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) and Kaiserstuhl | Details 

B. Walker (KIT)


FT3: Ore deposits in the Alpine collisional orogen (Val d’Aosta, NW Italy): Orogenic gold, seafloor VMS and distal Mn deposits | Details 

L.W. Diamond, R. Wolf (all, UNIBE), 

01(evening)-03.09.2023 (post-conference)



FT4: Rare-metal deposits of the Variscan French Massif Central, France | Details 

J. Melleton, E. Gloaguen (all BRGM; co-organized with the French Geological Society)



FT5: Li extraction in the Upper Rhine Graben | Details 

J. Kolb (KIT)

25.08.2023 (pre-conference)


Short course programme

Title and instructor(s)
SC1: Geoscientific data analysis and mineral prospectivity mapping using open source geospatial applications (GisSOM and QGIS) | Details 

B. Chudasama (GTK), J. Torppa (GTK)

27-28.08.2023 (pre-conference)

ETH Zurich

SC2: Fluid and melt inclusion studies applied to ore deposit research | Details 

Z. Zajacz (UNIGE), T. Driesner (ETHZ), K. Kouzmanov (UNIGE)

26-27.08.2023 (pre-conference)

University of Geneva

SC3: Orogenic gold deposits | Details 

J. Kolb (AGW), G. Beaudoin (U. Laval), N. Thebaud (UWA), I. K. Pitcairn  (Stockholm University)

28.08.2023 (pre-conference)

ETH Zurich

SC4: Predictive Geometallurgy | Details 

R. Tolosana Delgado, L. Pereira, J. Godinho (all: HIF, Freiberg)


SC5: Isotopes in economic geology, metallogenesis and exploration | Details 

D. Huston (Geoscience Australia), C. Chelle-Michou (ETHZ), C. LaFlamme (U. Laval), R. Mathur (Juniata College)

28.08.2023 (pre-conference)

ETH Zurich

SC6: Petrological modelling as a tool to assess magma fertility in porphyry systems | Details 

M. Chiaradia (UNIGE)

27.08.2023 (pre-conference)

University of Geneva

SC7: Geochemistry and spectral mineralogy for the exploration of porphyry and epithermal deposits | Details 

F. Cernuschi (Eclectic Rock), I. Marton (Dundee Precious Metals)

02-03.09.2023 (post-conference)

ETH Zurich

SC8: Geochronology applied to mineral deposits (U-Pb, Ar-Ar, Re-Os) | Details 

C. Chelle-Michou (ETHZ), R. Spikings (UNIGE), N. Saintilan (ETHZ)


SC9: Variations and processes in the epithermal environment: Relation and transition to intrusions | Details 

A. Audétat (Bayerisches Geoinstitut), J. Hedenquist (Ottawa)

02-03.09.2023 (post-conference)

ETH Zurich

SC10: From geothermal systems to ore deposits: Deep Electrical Resistivity Tomography for the investigation of Earth Resources | Details 

G. Morelli (Geostudi Astier), F. Fischanger (GEG Experts), M. Lupi (UNIGE)


Halleluya Ekandjo

Halleluya Ekandjo is PhD Researcher with iCRAG at University College Dublin. Her research focuses on understanding the genesis of the Rosh Pinah Zn-Pb-Ag deposit, Namibia. Halleluya graduated with a BSc degree in Geology from the University of Namibia in 2014 and obtained an MSc in Economic Geology from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2017. She has spent over 5 years exploring for base metals and stakeholders engagement in Namibia and Zambia. Halleluya participates actively in diverse scientific outreach activities such as geoscience communication in local communities.

Sophie Decrée

Sophie Decrée is senior geologist at the Geological Survey of Belgium (GSB), Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. She started her career with the study of a mining district in Tunisia. She had then the opportunity to study the world-class supergene cobalt deposits and uranium deposits of the Copperbelt. Further investigations in Central Africa brought her to Burundi and the study of alkaline magmatic rocks and carbonatite, with a particular focus on the processes leading to the formation of related mineral occurrences/deposits. Hired at the GSB since 2014, she carried on working on alkaline complexes worldwide, applying a variety of methods to unravel the superimposed processes in related deposits.

Jon Keisu-Lundh

Jon Keisu-Lundh holds an MSc in Geology from Uppsala University and has 10+ years of experience from exploration and mining in Sweden and Scandinavia, ranging all the way from late stage greenfield up until advanced brownfield projects and active mining operations. Part of the responsibility of being the manager for Geodata with Boliden is leading the team responsible for permitting questions related to all exploration activities. With the green transition comes an increased interest in both mineral extraction and processing but also in exploration, especially in northern Europe, while access to land is diminishing due to restrictions and competition.


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